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Watch: Alan Belcher TKOs Chase DeMoor in a bizzare way

If you are a fan of bare-knuckle boxing, you might have watched the fight between Alan Belcher and Chase DeMoor on Saturday night. Belcher, a former UFC contender, faced DeMoor, a TV personality and social media star, in a bout that ended in controversy.

Belcher, who had not fought since 2013, made his bare-knuckle debut against DeMoor, who had won his previous two fights in the sport. Belcher did not know he was fighting DeMoor until late this week, but he did not seem to care. He had the advantage of experience and skill over his opponent, who was known for his trash talk and antics.

The fight was scheduled for five rounds, but it did not last that long. Belcher dominated the first two rounds with his superior boxing and power. He landed several hard shots that rocked DeMoor and opened up cuts on his face. DeMoor tried to fight back with some wild swings, but he could not connect with anything significant.

The end came in the third round, when Belcher and DeMoor clinched in the center of the ring. As they broke apart, Belcher threw a right hand that landed flush on DeMoor’s chin. DeMoor staggered back to his corner, visibly hurt and confused. He started to complain to the referee about the punch, claiming it was illegal. His corner also joined in the protest, but the referee had no choice but to stop the fight as DeMoor refused to continue.

Belcher celebrated his victory, while DeMoor continued to argue with the referee and the officials. He claimed that Belcher hit him after the break, which is against the rules of bare-knuckle boxing. However, the replay showed that Belcher’s punch was clean and legal. It was a clear case of sour grapes from DeMoor, who could not handle his defeat.

Belcher proved that he still has what it takes to compete at a high level, even after eight years away from the sport. He showed his class and professionalism throughout the fight, while DeMoor showed his lack of respect and sportsmanship. Belcher may have a bright future in bare-knuckle boxing, while DeMoor may have to rethink his career choices.

What did you think of the fight? Do you agree with the stoppage? Let us know in the comments below!


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