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Watch: Fighter accidentally knocks down cutwoman after TKO win

MMA is a sport where anything can happen, even when the fight is over. Sometimes, the celebrations can go wrong and cause unexpected consequences. That’s what happened at Urijah Faber’s A1 Combat 12 event, where a fighter accidentally took out a cutwoman after a knockout victory.

The fight in question was between Billy Brand and Pedro Juarez, two bantamweight prospects who were looking to make a statement. Brand, who trains at MMA Gold Fight Team, was the favorite going into the fight, having won three of his four pro bouts by stoppage. Juarez, who represents Last Stand Fight Team, was making his second pro appearance after losing his debut by submission.

The fight was a one-sided affair, as Brand dominated Juarez with his striking and wrestling skills. He dropped Juarez several times with his punches and knees, and eventually finished him with ground-and-pound in the first round. The referee stepped in to stop the fight, and Brand celebrated his TKO win by jumping on the cage.

However, as he was getting down from the cage, he did not notice that cutwoman Carol Siracusa was approaching him to check on his condition. Brand, caught off guard by Siracusa’s presence, accidentally shoulder checked her, causing her to fall to the canvas. The crowd gasped as they witnessed the unfortunate collision.

Fortunately, Siracusa was not seriously injured, and Brand quickly rushed to her aid, apologizing profusely. Siracusa smiled and assured him that she was okay, and they hugged it out.


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