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Watch: Floyd Mayweather’s exhibition fight ends in a mass brawl

Floyd Mayweather's most recent exhibition fight ended in a mess, resulting in much chaos occurring throughout the arena and a large riot taking place inside the ring.

Since calling it quit on his professional boxing career with an unbeaten 50-match record and 15 world championships, Mayweather has frequently engaged in exhibition matches against YouTubers and mixed martial artists.

His most recent performance was on Sunday evening in Sunrise, Florida's FLA Live Arena. The 46-year-old boxing legend there competed against MMA fighter John Gotti III, who is the respective grandson and son of mafiosos John Gotti and John A. Gotti.

The rivalry between the two persisted on fight night after a heated buildup, with the two constantly exchanging insults. And in round six, referee Kenny Bayless stopped the fight when it got to the point where his directions weren't being obeyed.

Unfortunately, the activity wasn't going to end there. Gotti III surged by Bayless and went after Mayweather as soon as he intervened. The MMA fighter was sent back by "Money" with a crisp right hook after the two traded blows.

Following that, members from both sides swarmed the ring and a large-scale battle broke out. Minutes later, the fight even spilled into the crowd, where several more altercations also occurred.


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