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Watch: Larissa Pacheco Brutually KO Amber Leibrock

Larissa Pacheco is absolutely impossible to handle when she is at her best.

Pacheco (21-4) easily defeated Amber Leibrock (7-5) in the co-main event of the 2023 PFL 5 to claim the top seed in the women's featherweight standings. The 2022 season champion finished the fight in under 45 seconds.

Pacheco seized control of the cage early on in the bout and started stalking forward with powerful, accurate punches. Every strike put Leibrock in a worse position, but Pacheco just kept applying pressure until she knocked Leibrock to the ground to end the first round.

Aspen Ladd, who was incorrectly declared to have secured a playoff spot after finishing second earlier in the evening, gets eliminated as a result.

Pacheco will face Kolesnyk in the women's featherweight playoff bracket, while Marina Mokhnatkina will face Leibrock.


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