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Watch: MMA fighter gets his ear brutally damaged

MMA has a history of causing horrifying wounds. Bruised faces, fractured limbs, torn ligaments, and lost teeth.

But occasionally, we experience an injury that even MMA would consider unusual. It's a cauliflower ear eruption this time.

The event occurred at a fight card in Tijuana, Mexico, where UWC Mexico 43 was held this past Friday. Dorian Ramos, the UWCM featherweight champion, took the front stage when he faced José Pealoza in a title defense.

Jose Pealoza entered this battle with a severe cauliflower ear. Pealoza was given some ground and pound by the UWCM champion, which caused his ear to swell three times its normal size.

Referee Luis Cobian signaled for the cage-side doctor to examine the ear as Ramos and Pealoza entered the ring for the second round.

He let "Relámpago" go on, which let Ramos resume a dominant top control position and apply more ground-and-pound. Pealoza's ear was badly hit.

Blood was flying, and Pealoza's only option until the referee stopped the fight was to try to hide from Ramos' barrage of punches and elbows.


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