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Watch: Sean Strickland schools random guy from the street

When it comes to Sean Strickland, you might think that most people have figured this out by now, but one fan obviously hadn't.

In a recent video, Strickland describes running with a novice fan on the street who was teaching him how to shadow box. Strickland offered the fan to spar with him and inquired as to how hard he should go after being surprised that the stranger had showed up at the gym after being urged to do so.

The fan's response of 70% turned out to be roughly 70% too high.

The #7 ranked UFC middleweight started to open up after assessing the opponent's potential after initially playing defence. He landed only a few blows before repeatedly knocking his opponent to the ground to end the fight.

While he was quickly shredded, both men smiled as they touched gloves at the conclusion, so while he may have learned a harsh lesson, it might have been worse.


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