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Watch: UFC Champ Alexander Volkanovski Grapples With NBA Star Jamal Murray

Alexander Volkanovski, the UFC featherweight champion, has been keeping himself busy while waiting for his next fight. He recently teamed up with Jamal Murray, the Denver Nuggets star and NBA champion, for some MMA training. The two athletes, who are both fans of each other’s sports, showed off their skills in a video posted on Volkanovski’s YouTube channel.

The video shows Volkanovski and Murray doing some warm-up drills and sparring. Then, they decide to have a friendly grappling match, with Murray having the size advantage over the smaller Volkanovski. The rules are simple: no submissions, just survive for one minute.

The match starts with Volkanovski shooting for a takedown, but Murray sprawls and defends well. They scramble for position, with Murray showing some impressive strength and agility. Volkanovski eventually takes Murray’s back and tries to sink in a rear-naked choke, but time runs out before he can finish it.

Volkanovski then lets go of the choke and transitions to a guillotine as Murray stands up. He squeezes hard, but Murray refuses to tap and waits for the buzzer. He then celebrates his “victory” over the UFC champ, who congratulates him on his performance.

The video ends with Volkanovski giving Murray some tips and compliments on his grappling. The two champions share a hug and express their mutual respect and admiration. Volkanovski says he had a lot of fun training with Murray and hopes to do it again soon. He also says he is ready for his next challenge in the UFC, whoever it may be.


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