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It was made public by both teams that there are negociations between Eddy Reynoso (Team Canelo) and Sampson Lewkowics (Team Benavides) on a potencial clash between the two if the Bivol rematch doesnt happen.

Im actually more exited for this fight than the Bivol rematch. I like most experts believe Bivol would win rematch alot easier this time around so there is not much interest for Bivol v.s Alvarez 2, now Alvarez v.s Benavides would be a different story. This fight would really show who the best 168 pounder in the word is. If we go to the stats then Canelo would be a clear favorite to win just by looking at his resume, but Benavides is a really big guy with fast hand speed and good combinations and is much younger than the superstar Canelo. On the other hand Canelo has an advantage in the power department and Benavides is a fighter that stands up strait and could get hit, we saw it very clear when Benavides fought Plant in his last fight. Its an even fight from my perspective, If this fight does come through we are in for a real treat ladies and gents.


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