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WBC champ Tyson Fury made a few post on social media right after the A.J v.s Usyk fight saying that the fight was not good ect. He also said that he is unretired and that he could beat Usyk but it will be expensive. Fury is a great showman or a great clown but he is the man in the heavyweight división in my humble opinión. Fury knows how to sell a fight, and thats what he is trying to do. He changes his opinión like he changes his underwear and says different stuff all the time so its hard to take him seriously but what is true is that he is a fighting man and his life is fighting. One day he may say he will fight for free the other that he wants $153,929,000,000,000 euros to fight. Hes a great showman and he is trying to sell a fight. Now he wants good money because he knows Usyk is a big risk and maybe wants to cashout. Only god knows what goes through this mans head but if Fury vs Usyk happends it will be huge for boxing.


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