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What does Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury mean for KSI?

Jake Paul looks set to finally face Tommy Fury on the third time of trying, in a reportedly signed deal that would see them fight in Saudi Arabia next month, but what does that mean for KSI?

KSI has made it no secret in that his end goal is a fight with Jake Paul, stating his come back to boxing after 3 years out of the ring, was to defeat the American youtuber, turned pro boxer.

But since returning to the ring, KSI's level of opponent raises a lot of questions, having barely as much as taking a punch in his 3 times entering the ring, all of which was won in way of knockout.

His first time back in the ring was facing debutant Swarmz , a man who had no boxing experience previous to his fight, there being no shocks when KSI took him out in the second round without as much as breaking a sweat.

Later on in the same night, he returned to face Mexican pro boxer, Luis Alcaraz Pineda who held a pro record of 2-7 at the time of their fight. The Mexican was out of his depth on the night, whether it was down to the intensity of the Brit's pace, or the sold out 02 arena being a bit overwhelming for the young man, and was taken out in the third round, having barely thrown a punch in the entire fight.

KSI, otherwise known as JJ, took pride in the fact he was fighting a pro boxer before Jake Paul, who had been a lot more active in the pro scene.

JJ's third fight since his return was facing Faze Temper, who entered the ring with a record of 2-1. There was a lot of criticism for KSI when he took this fight, as fans had already seen Temper knocked out cold by rival and potential alternative opponent, Slim.

In respect to the British youtuber, all of his fights since his return were not his first choice opponent, being forced to find them as replacements due to pullouts from the original scheduled fighters, but when you compare resumes between Jake Paul and KSI, it looks a bit worrying and that's even before Jake faces Tommy.

KSI's pro career kicked of with a split decision over Logan Paul, something many fans recgonise as his only respectable win, while Jake has twice beat Tyrone Woodley and recently beat combat sports great, Anderson Silva.

It can even be argued that Pauls victories over Ben Askren and Anesongib hold more weight in terms of opponents, so what does a fight with Fury mean for KSI?

Pressure will definitely be added on picking his next opponent for starters, as he risks the fight slipping away from him, an importance of upping the level of competition being clear. The people being rumored not being good enough as his name is linked with Slim (6-0), Salt Papi (3-0) and Tyrone Woodley (0-2).

While Salt Papi and Slim are good fights, and both are unbeaten, their wins have come to the hands of people in the influencer scene, something JJ must separate himself from if he wants to be taken seriously as a challenger.

A rumored fight of Joe Fournier (9-0, 9ko's) would do just that. If KSI was to take on Joe next and get passed him, a lot of people would instantly put him on the same level as Jake, as comparisons could be made between Joe Fournier and Tommy Fury and some would argue that Joe is the tougher opponent.

Fournier won the vacant WBA international light heavyweight belt by defeating Wilmer Mejia in the eighth round in the Dominican Republic, a fight that raised him the 11th in world ranking, by fighting him, KSI would boast a formidable opponent under his belt and gain a wealth of respect.

I see this as KSI's only option now that Jake Paul is set to face Tommy Fury, a test is due for the British youtuber, now more than ever!


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