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Whats your opinion on all the sanctioning bodies ?

Now a days you have so many sanctioning bodies and championships but only 4 are taken seriously (WBC, WBA, WBO, IBF ). Many regard the WBC as the most Important because its affiliated to more countries than the rest of the organizations. We know that the WBA was the first ,then came the WBC , then the IBF and last the WBO. We now see the IBO gaining strength in many countries and with many promotors. We must remember that the promotor pays the sanctioning fees but the fighter brings attention to the organization, lately GGG, AJ , Vladimir Klitschko brought attention to the IBO Title. Now its becoming more popular amongst everyone in the fight game. I personally like the Ring Magazine Title because its given to the best in every division, with all the corruptión with all the sanctioning bodies I dont want to name one in particular but they are known to baby the their champs and allow them to fight anyone and dont make them fight their mandatory or they make up a title so the champion wont loose their title hahaha all for the sake of $$$$$. Thats why I favor the Ring Magazine belt over the rest because they dont have conflict in interests.


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