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When Chael Sonnen's Mom Almost Shot Yushin Okami

It's no secret that Chael Sonnen is an MMA GOAT, with lots of friends in the fight scene, and lots of crazy stories. This one is of no exception. It turns out that Chael is really good friends with Yushin Okami. Yushin had stayed at Claudia Sonnen's home before while traveling for training and fights and such.

This time was different! Yushin had planned to stay at a hotel somewhere and then last minute decided to change his mind. He wasn't expected at Claudia's, his arrival woke her up and set off the houses alarm. Alarmed, Claudia jumped out of bed. Scrambled towards the window to jump out but fell. She then decided it was too risky to run for it, and she needed to grab her gun.

So she's hearing this thudding outside her door. It's Yushin, turning back and forth at the alarm trying to turn it off with the code Chael had given him, with his backpack smacking her bedroom door each time. Claudia was terrified. She let out a warning - "I have a gun!" to which she heard back - "It's Yushin. Yushin Okami." She sighed with releif and gave him a hug.

We're really glad to know that Yushin survived the encounter and Claudia didn't decide to send slugs through her bedroom door at the noise across from her.

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M Ahmad
M Ahmad
24 серп. 2021 р.

Nice good work 👍

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