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White Says Chimaev Is ‘Not Ready’ For Title, Needs ‘One Or Two Fights

Dana White says people need to take a break from fighting for Khemzat Chemayev's title. After the MMA's rising star, the invincible Chimaev, whose recent spectacular comeback and a stellar performance against Lee Jungliang, everyone's eyes are on Chimaev and people are starting to ask questions about how fast he is. Reaching the title shot, some even suggested that he could face the winner of the UFC 268 main event title fight next time, which is between Kamaro Usman and Colby Covington. However, White told TSN that he did not believe this was the right move for a greener like Chimaev, adding that he might need some more fights first. "I don't know if Chimaev is ready for it yet. (A title shot). It's a 'rare ball game' when you start fighting. It's one or two fights away from the championship, "White said. There is certainly room to understand why some people think that Khamzat Chimaev will soon be fighting for a title, regardless of what Dana White says. This is the product of when you book someone for the fourth fight in their promotion against the world's second-ranked contender, even if it is never completed. Nevertheless, Fight TV analysts agree with White that one or two fights would be best for Chimaev, and White added in an interview that he would not allow Chechen to return to Octagon before the end of the year. Are optimistic for The plan seems to be leaning towards Netizens as the next battle for Chimaev, but only time will tell. The question is, do you think Chimaev wants to take the title shot now or does he need to be ready before the title shot?


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