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Why BKFC President Calls Conor McGregor the Ultimate Business Partner!

BKFC president David Feldman is singing the praises of Conor McGregor as the perfect partner for the organization. McGregor, the former UFC double champion, recently revealed his stake in BKFC, a move that has stirred considerable excitement within the combat sports community. In an exclusive conversation with 'MMA Junkie,' Feldman opened up about why McGregor's involvement goes beyond just financial backing:


"While there's no shortage of people investing in combat sports these days, finding the right partner is key. We didn't want Conor McGregor just for his money; we wanted his input, his persona, his ability to make waves and elevate the sport."

Feldman highlighted McGregor's sharp business mind and innovative ideas, emphasizing that BKFC is eager to tap into his creative energy:

"Conor has a wealth of ideas and business savvy. He's built an empire around his career, and we want him to bring that same energy to BKFC. We want to make some noise and shake things up."

According to Feldman, McGregor's association with BKFC opens up a world of possibilities, including lucrative sponsorships, television deals, and strategic partnerships. Feldman believes that McGregor's star power and vision for the sport will be instrumental in BKFC's growth:

"There are endless opportunities in sponsorships, TV deals, and various investments, and Conor McGregor is a game-changer in all these areas. His name, his passion for the sport, and his vision for its future are all huge assets for us."

Addressing potential conflicts with McGregor's UFC commitments, Feldman explained that while there were initial concerns, both parties have found a way to work together:

"We had some initial reservations, considering Conor's ties to the UFC and his existing fights with them. But we've ironed out the details and found a way to make it work."

The highly anticipated UFC 303 event featuring Conor McGregor vs. Michael Chandler is set to take place on Saturday, June 29th, at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.


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