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Why Fabricio Andrade vs. John Lineker II is a must-watch.

MMA fans are always on the lookout for exciting fights, and the rematch between Fabricio Andrade and John Lineker cannot be missed. The two fighters are set to face each other once again, and there are several reasons why this fight is a must-watch for all MMA enthusiasts.

Fabricio Andrade, known as "Wonder Boy," and John Lineker, known as "Hands of Stone," are prepared for battle in what promises to be a memorable contest for the ONE bantamweight world championship. The world title showdown, which is scheduled for ONE Fight Night 7 on Prime Video, is anticipated by lovers of combat sports. On February 24, the event will take place at the venerable Lumpinee Stadium.

John Lineker and Fabricio Andrade have already shared one encounter. Because of an unlawful groin blow, their first fight, unfortunately, concluded in a no contest. The sense of sadness phase ended with the battle on February 24, and now it's just a matter of surviving. After a first fight that ended in a draw but was nonetheless a thrilling back-and-forth contest, both world’s best bantamweights will indeed be eager to show their mettle.

John Lineker stated in a conversation with ONE Championship that he is particularly reliant on this contest:

“I have no opponent in my mind [after], also because my focus now is to beat Fabricio Andrade."

The energetic knockout artist Andrade, who's sharp, is in one corner. Lineker, a gruff veteran, will be swinging for the fences on the other side. There will be a head-on collision between the two men. Most of the matches between these two boxers ended in knockouts. Each guy will be vying to have his arm raised in the title fight after scoring a knockout victory.

Fabricio Andrade said the following in a chat with The MMA Superfan:

"I'm faster than him. I'm more powerful than he is. I'm more skilled than he is. So, I just have to be patient, take my time, and knock him out."

Becoming the holder of the ONE bantamweight world championship represents an honor. Famous warriors like Soo Chul Kim, Kevin Belingon, the record-setting Bibiano Fernandes, and "Hands of Stone" John Lineker have succeeded in seizing the kingship.

The seat is still empty because Lineker missed the limit by a significant margin. But after many days of searching, the crown will, at last, discover a ruler. Solely item on Andrade and Lineker's minds as they prepare for action is winning the ONE Championship.

The rematch between Fabricio Andrade and John Lineker is a must-watch for any MMA fan. With a history between the fighters, exciting styles, and high stakes, this fight has all the makings of a classic matchup. Fans can expect a battle between two highly skilled fighters who will leave everything in the cage. Don't miss it!


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