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Why They Need Riggs.

Fight game veteran Joe "Diésel" Riggs has shown interest in fighting any one of the famous Diaz brothers or even the Paul brothers if they even dare to step in the ring with him. Eric J Herrholz is Riggs new manager and he has been trying to make a deal with both camps but nothing yet. As a fan I believe that both camps need a fight with Riggs, Jake and Logan need him because they need a fight with a real veteran that has over 20 years in the fight game, not only has he done MMA but he also has been doing Bare Knuckle Boxing in the last few years so he's been trainning his hands only for a while so it wont be that easy like when they get these MMA guys that have very little hands only experience. Besides he wouldnt be an easy fight for them because he is a tuff southpaw that keeps going foward with alot of experience and lets be honest the Paul brothes need credibility really bad, a fight with Riggs if not rigged can give them that credibility. On the other hand the Diaz brothers need him to put an end to their beef thats been brewing for years now and Riggs wants to settle it by knocking either one of them out. Riggs stated in an interview that the Díaz brothers are avoiding him like the plague because they know they will be exposed . In the ring they cant count on their buddies to help them jump people like they are used too, they have to fight one on one. Who ever accept fighting Riggs will have their hands full thats for sure.


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