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Will It Happen????

Famous Youtuber and boxer Logan Paul is set to fight Dillon Danis for october 14th in Manchester Arena in England. Do you really think it will happen? Dillon is a mma fighter who has never boxed in his life and is only good for making sexest coments and picking on girls on social media. Here he will fight Logan who is a big guy who has boxed. Danis is known for backing out of fights in the past, so we wont be surprised of he does it again. Paul will fight an mma fighter with zero boxing experience just to get another win and a good paycheck. Lets face it the Paul brothers sell but when are we going to get tired of them fighting non boxers and guys that are payed to not win. Logan and Jake need to make a real statement against a good real pro fighter so we could believe it. Danis is no hard fighter, the hardest part of Danis is probably his coliflower ear, he has zero boxing. I heard Joe "Diesel" Riggs managment team reached out to the Paul brothers and to the infamous Diaz brothers and they didnt want the fight at the moment because they might break a nail. So fight fans its up to you to ask these coward trying to box to fight real ringers and not non boxers. We are in a time where fighters dont want tuff fights, they want easy non risk fights that will pay well not thinking about the viewer that pays to watch. Wake up fight fans and stop supporting these clowns if they dont want to test themselves.


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