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Will PFL buy Bellator MMA?

A big uproar among MMA fans was caused earlier this week when a podcaster claimed that the Professional Fighting League (PFL) would not only be buying Bellator MMA but was also actively working to close the deal.

Fans and other media members, to this news reacted with a great deal of distrust, but after speaking under the condition of anonymity to several people from both companies who are in a position to know about any such transactions it is learned that the PFL is in actual negotiations to buy the rival promotion, being the crucial phrase in conversations.

The Todd Atkins Show was the first to reveal that the "PFL was on the verge of buying Bellator" and that it was "close to a done deal."

Earlier this year, Ariel Helwani claimed on the MMA Hour that Bellator was for sale. With the UFC’s current antitrust lawsuit waiting to be certified for class action and the FTC and DOJ taking much stronger positions with regards to horizontal mergers, we can probably write off Endeavor or the future UFC/WWE company as one of the potential suitors.

Acquiring Bellator would make sense for the PFL, as it would help meet some of their most pressing needs, including that of more talent.


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