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Wiz Khalifa on fighting: “I wouldn’t say no because anything could happen”

Wiz Khalifa is most well-known for his wild and unhealthy lifestyle. You'll thus be amazed to hear that he has time for some serious martial arts training in addition to his work as a musician and his public passion for marijuana.

Wiz claims that he first began training consistently for a few months with BJJ. But when he started practising Muay Thai, he really got the bug and is now working out for up to three hours every day. That involves pad workouts with Muay Thai legend Saenchai.

He said:“I’ve been training for like five years now. I don’t know, I f–k with it, it’s just fun,”. It’s cool to learn new sh-t. I think the older you get, you just get into different things like your body just tells you what’s cool and what’s not cool.”

I’m kind of just open for whatever. Jiu-jitsu, wrestling, striking, it’s whatever, if you want to teach me some sh-t, I’m down to learn.”

In addition to training, Khalifa is a huge fan of the fighting game. He is frequently spotted at various MMA and boxing events and is even a part owner of PFL. He has previously shown an interest in entering the ring or cage himself, though he was less excited about it.

“I wouldn’t say no because anything could happen. I’m definitely ready for whatever,” he said when asked about a fight."


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