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Yana Kunitskaya Didn't Fight Pregnant

Yana Kunitskaya has come under scrutiny from some of the MMA community recently. She announced her upcoming baby to the world and as would any parent, hoped for congratulations and maybe a light hearted joke or two.

Yana was met with heavy criticism and even questions as to whether or not she was pregnant competing at UFC 264. Yana said - "Just to make clear, I didn't fought pregnant!""All you who keep txting me, mind your business!"

I think it would be in everyone best interest to mind your business. Last thing you want is an MMA fighter momma bear in your face. Questioning why you're in her business. We're here for you Yana. Have that baby, take all the recovery time you need. Get back to whooping butt!

What kind of MMA fighter names could she give her baby? Aries would be a cool one and fitting for any child born from fighter parents. Do you think their little bundle of joy will be a warrior too?


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