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Yodthongthai Sor Sommai Dominates in ONE Championship Muay Thai Clash!

Yodthongthai Sor Sommai showcased his prowess by clinching his second consecutive victory in the co-main event of the evening, outclassing Petnamngam PK Saenchai in a thrilling three-round 130-pound catchweight battle.

Yodthongthai Sor

Despite a spirited start from Petnamngam, Yodthongthai quickly adjusted his strategy, employing precise counters to gain control of the fight. With relentless kicks and striking combinations, the three-division Rajadamnern Stadium Muay Thai World Champion dominated the second and third rounds, ultimately securing a well-deserved unanimous decision victory.

The win marked Yodthongthai's 58th career victory and his second triumph in ONE Championship, solidifying his status as a formidable force in the sport.

Meanwhile, Rambong Sor Therapat emerged victorious in a captivating 128-pound catchweight clash against Petphupa Aekpujean. Despite facing stiff competition from the 18-year-old Petphupa, Rambong showcased his experience and resilience, trading blows toe-to-toe throughout the three rounds.

In a display of grit and determination, Rambong weathered Petphupa's early onslaught and rallied back with relentless punches, ultimately earning a hard-fought split-decision victory—the 77th win of his illustrious career.

In another thrilling matchup, Kaimookkhao Tor Rangmart demonstrated his striking prowess and youthful energy as he overcame Petparuehat Sitnayoktaweeptaphong in a 121-pound catchweight contest. Employing a blend of devastating punches, knees, and sweeping kicks, the 18-year-old phenom dictated the pace of the fight from start to finish.

With precision and agility, Kaimookkhao delivered a masterful performance, keeping his opponent at bay and securing a unanimous decision victory—a testament to his growing reputation as a rising star in the world of Muay Thai.

The night's action-packed bouts left fans on the edge of their seats, highlighting the skill, determination, and tenacity of the athletes competing on the grand stage of ONE Championship Muay Thai.


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