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Zihuatanejo- Its not all sunshine and bikinis. It also has a very currupt boxing comission.

FIGHT.TV and Tanque García promotions have had a few boxing events in Ixtapa Zihuatanejo, México were our team has worked with local boxers and giving them a platform to showcase their talent. Last year we paid a sanction for a show but was canceled because of covid so we tried to have it done in november but comissioner Miguel Ponce Terrazas told us that the santion had expired when it didnt even have a year. We checked regulations and the rules say that if there is no event the money is refunded, Tanque García tried to work things out but had no luck so we moved on to another city making the show more expensive do to travel expences of production team and fighters. We took things into our own hands and on thursday we sued the Zihuatanejo boxing comission. Gabriel Tanque García partner of ours is going to handle the lawsuit. We just hope justice is served. This man Miguel Ponce Terrazas is known in town for taking advantage of young fighters and taking money from their fight purses. We have tried to tell local authorities of Ponce's illegal practices but have had no luck. It seems the local authorities dont care. Its sad to see that because there is alot of boxing talent in Zihuatanejo for it to go to waste or for Miguel Ponce Terrazas to abuse. Its sad that the city doesnt care that this man represents their boxing comission.


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