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Aaron Pico's Ambitious Vision: Conquering PFL vs. Bellator and Beyond

Aaron Pico
Aaron Pico

As Aaron Pico gears up for his upcoming bout against Gabriel Braga at PFL vs. Bellator : Champions, the anticipation for the fight is accompanied by a cloud of uncertainty and opportunity regarding Pico's future in the post-acquisition landscape.

Having spent his entire MMA career under the Bellator banner, Pico, like many others, is navigating the unknown after PFL acquired Bellator. While his immediate focus remains on the fight against Braga on Feb. 24, Pico is aware that intriguing possibilities lie beyond this pivotal moment.

The potential avenues include fighting under PFL's reimagined Bellator brand, participating in a PFL season, or being featured on a PFL pay-per-view. The possibilities are diverse, and Pico, with the support of his team and family, will evaluate the best path for his future when the time comes.

Pico has long harbored dreams of claiming the Bellator title, but with the future of the promotion uncertain, he remains adaptable to whatever challenges lie ahead. The fighter's mindset is clear – no matter the circumstance, he aims to conquer it. Whether it's contending for a Bellator belt or a PFL title, Pico is driven to be the best wherever he finds himself.

The 27-year-old athlete acknowledges the ambiguity but maintains a pragmatic approach, stating, 

"Wherever I'm at, I'm going to try to conquer that. Whether it's fighting for a Bellator belt, I'll fight for the Bellator belt. Fight for the PFL? I'll fight for the PFL belt. Anywhere that I'm put into, I want to be the best."

Pico's immediate challenge is set for the PFL vs. Bellator card at Kingdom Arena in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Facing Braga, who reached the finals of the 2023 PFL featherweight season, Pico recognizes this as the toughest test of his career. Despite the uncertainty in the air, Pico remains focused on doing his job, emphasizing that winning solves everything.

As the fight date approaches, fans can anticipate a showdown that not only holds significance within the realm of PFL vs. Bellator but could potentially set the tone for Aaron Pico's conquest beyond.


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