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A.J. McKee Anticipates Boxing Showcase Against Clay Collard

A.J. McKee vs Clay Collard face off
A.J. McKee vs Clay Collard face off

As the PFL gears up for its first event since the acquisition of Bellator, A.J. McKee (21-1) is set to make a resounding statement in the cage on February 24, taking on Clay Collard. McKee, eager to showcase his boxing skills, sees this fight as an opportunity not only to secure a victory but also to prove his prowess in the striking department.

In a recent interview with MMA Junkie Radio, McKee outlined his strategy for the upcoming bout, highlighting Collard's perceived weaknesses in wrestling and jiu-jitsu. However, the focus for McKee is on exploiting Collard's boxing tendencies.

“With Clay Collard, we already know what kind of his weakness is. It’s the wrestling, the jiu-jitsu, but I think this is more of an opportunity for me to go out there and showcase my skills of boxing,” McKee stated.

Collard, known for his brawler style and penchant for gritty, stand-up battles, provides the perfect canvas for McKee to demonstrate his boxing prowess. The significance of this fight isn't lost on McKee, especially after a lackluster unanimous decision win over Sidney Outlaw in November.

“Clay Collard is a banger. He’s going to come in and throw his hands,” McKee explained. “I wasn’t too happy with my last performance. Obviously, I was on my back 12 of the 15 minutes, so this is a fight where I’m able to go out there and let my hands go."

McKee promises fight fans an exhilarating showdown, stating, 

"It’s the people’s main fight, and that’s what I look forward to giving them: Three, five-minute rounds of nothing but non-stop action." 

As the anticipation builds, McKee aims to redeem himself and deliver an unforgettable spectacle in the cage against Collard.


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