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KSW Champion Phil De Fries Takes on Josh Barnett in Epic Submission Grappling Match on Feb. 24

Phil de Fries with the title
KSW's heavyweight champion Phil De Fries

In a thrilling turn of events, KSW's dominant heavyweight champion is gearing up for an extraordinary challenge. The seasoned MMA veteran Phil De Fries is set to face the formidable Josh Barnett in a high-stakes submission grappling match on February 24 in Gliwice, Poland, as announced by the promotion last Friday.

Phil De Fries has been a force to be reckoned with in KSW's heavyweight division, boasting an impressive record of nine consecutive successful title defenses and an undefeated streak dating back to 2017. However, with limited viable opponents in his path, De Fries is now seeking a new conquest in the realm of submission grappling, and Josh Barnett stands as the perfect adversary.

"The Warmaster," Barnett, a former UFC heavyweight champion, brings a wealth of experience to the table. Despite not stepping into the MMA cage since 2016, Barnett has kept his combat skills sharp, engaging in various disciplines. His recent ventures include a decisive first-round finish against Shoma Shibisai in a mixed-rules bout in December 2022 and a competitive grappling bout against the skilled Gordon Ryan at a QUINTET event.

As the two heavyweight titans prepare to clash, their grappling prowess takes center stage. Barnett, with 19 submissions in 43 pro-MMA bouts, faces off against De Fries, who has secured victory via submission in 14 of his 30 fights. The matchup promises an electrifying display of technique, strength, and strategic prowess.

Mark your calendars for the KSW Epic event on February 24, where these two giants will collide in a showdown that transcends traditional MMA boundaries. Don't miss the chance to witness a battle that could redefine the landscape of heavyweight submission grappling.


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