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Holly Holm Eyes Potential Rematch with Amanda Nunes: A Respectful Challenge in the Horizon

Nunes vs Holm face off
Amanda Nunes vs Holly Holm 1

In the ever-evolving world of MMA, anticipation is building as former two-division UFC champion Holly Holm contemplates a potential rematch with the legendary Amanda Nunes. Despite Nunes showing no signs of coming out of retirement, her recent appearance at UFC 297 in Toronto has reignited speculation about a return to the octagon.

During an interview on The MMA Hour, Holm shared her thoughts on the possibility of Nunes making a comeback and the prospect of a rematch. Holm acknowledged that it was something she considered, contemplating whether Nunes would need a warm-up fight before a title shot.

"I do think that she's enjoying time off. She was pretty active in being a double champion and all that. I have all the respect for her in this sport. Another fighter that's fought the top girls. You really can't take anything away from Amanda," Holm expressed.

The history between Holm and Nunes dates back to their UFC 239 bantamweight title fight, where Nunes secured a first-round TKO victory. Despite the outcome, Holm holds immense respect for Nunes, recognizing her achievements against top-caliber opponents.

Holm, known for her fearless approach, attributes her willingness to face the best to her experiences as a world champion boxer. She emphasized her desire to avoid being a "paper champion" and stressed the importance of facing the best when they are at their peak.

As Holm gears up for her next challenge at UFC 300 on April 13, she faces two-time PFL champion and two-time Olympic gold medal-winning judoka Kayla Harrison. Holm, accustomed to standing against decorated opponents, finds herself as the underdog in this matchup, adding an intriguing element to the upcoming battle.

"This could be one of those epic fights in history," Holm said, expressing her excitement about the unique challenge presented by Harrison, who makes her octagon debut at the landmark UFC 300 event.

MMA enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the outcome, wondering if the path will lead to a potential rematch between Holm and Nunes, creating a storyline that could redefine the narrative in the women's bantamweight division.


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