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Adrian Lee Vows to Finish Antonio Mammarella in Thrilling ONE 167 Debut

Adrian Lee ready to make an impact in his debut
Adrian Lee

Adrian Lee is set on making a memorable statement in his highly anticipated professional MMA debut.

The Singaporean-American prodigy, Adrian Lee, will face Antonio Mammarella in a lightweight MMA bout at ONE 167, broadcast live on Prime Video from the Impact Arena in Bangkok, Thailand, on June 7.

Hailing from a family known for their spectacular finishes, Lee has high expectations to meet in his first appearance in the world’s largest martial arts organization. Fans familiar with the Lee family legacy are eager to see another stellar performance, and the 18-year-old is confident he will deliver.

“During this camp, we’ve been focused on everything, but the main thing is just how to get the job finished as soon as possible,” Lee said. “I’m not really too focused on getting these highlights or all that media stuff, just the fastest way to get it done.”

Despite the high stakes, Lee's opponent, Mammarella, is no easy challenge. The Australian began his professional MMA career with a second-round stoppage victory in December 2023. While acknowledging Mammarella’s skills, Lee remains determined to take control of the fight from the outset.

“Of course, the ideal scenario would first off just be to finish as fast as possible in round one, either by TKO or submission, whatever comes first. However, my main goal is just to get out there, win, and finish.” Lee expressed.

Adrian Lee does not feel pressured by his family’s legacy. Instead, he draws strength from their guidance and extensive experience. 

“Of course, all the competition that I’ve had previous to this are all things that will help me handle the pressure. But, I just believe in my training and when the time comes, I’ll be ready for it,” he explained. “For the interviews, I’m practicing with my family and I’m getting my advice from them too, so I’ll be ready.”

With the stage set for an exciting debut, all eyes will be on Adrian Lee as he steps into the cage at ONE 167. His determination to secure a decisive victory promises an unforgettable moment for fans and a strong start to what could be an illustrious career.


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