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Paige VanZant Battles to Split Draw with Elle Brooke Despite Early Knockdown

Paige VanZant Battles to Split Draw with Elle Brooke
Elle Brooke (left), Paige VanZant (right)

Paige VanZant faced a shocking challenge in the main event at Misfits Boxing 15, suffering a first-round knockdown against Elle Brooke. 

Despite coming into the fight as the overwhelming favorite, VanZant was floored by a huge right hand from Brooke that sent her crashing to the canvas. However, VanZant showcased her resilience, recovering and storming back in the later rounds as Brooke began to tire.

In an unexpected turn of events, the fight concluded in a split draw. One judge scored the bout 48-46 for Brooke, another 48-46 for VanZant, and the third 47-47, resulting in a deadlock. Despite the draw, Brooke retained her Misfits middleweight title, with VanZant already eyeing a rematch shortly.

“Honestly I said it would be a tough fight the whole camp,” VanZant said after her boxing debut. “I knew how tough she was. I took the fight for a reason. I was excited. I watched her past fights. I knew it’d be tough. It is what it is. It sets up the perfect rematch.

“I signed a multi-fight contract for a reason. It looks like we’re going to do it one more time, I think in Dubai it sounds like.”

Brooke, who entered the fight as a heavy underdog with her previous experience limited to social influencers and reality TV stars, didn't let her inexperience deter her. She managed to score the only knockdown of the fight, setting the stage for a hard-fought draw with VanZant.

As a professional fighter, VanZant initially displayed superior discipline, using her lead jab and combinations to try to overwhelm Brooke. The momentum shifted dramatically when Brooke landed a powerful right hand, sending VanZant to the canvas. Despite the knockdown, VanZant quickly got back on her feet, though visibly rattled.

In the subsequent rounds, VanZant worked to regain control, landing a significant shot that snapped Brooke’s head back. Brooke responded by clinching to slow down the pace. With her corner urging her on, VanZant unleashed powerful combinations, her left jab and right hand becoming increasingly effective as Brooke began to lose steam.

By the third round, both fighters were trading blows, with VanZant's volume of punches keeping her in the fight. Despite being a professional fighter, VanZant had to remain cautious as Brooke consistently fired back with hard shots. VanZant managed to land a slick inside uppercut, causing Brooke to bleed from the nose.

With the fight ending in a draw, a rematch between the two seems inevitable. VanZant, despite her disappointment, promised to return for another bare-knuckle fight in the future but will focus on boxing until she gets another chance to face Brooke later this year.


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