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 Cedric Doumbe Calls for Paris Showdown with Anthony Pettis

Cedric Doumbe Calls for Paris Showdown with Anthony Pettis
Anthony Pettis (left), Cedric Doumbe (right)

Cedric Doumbe, the electrifying French MMA sensation, is not one to be sidelined. After a stunning knockout victory at Bellator Paris, Doumbe is making it clear: Paris is where he belongs, and he wants Anthony Pettis by his side.

In a recent interview on The MMA Hour, Doumbe expressed his dissatisfaction with not headlining the event in his hometown. Despite his spectacular performance, Doumbe found himself playing second fiddle to the title fight. Reflecting on the experience, Doumbe remarked,

"Even after my fight, some people left the arena. It’s better [if I’m the main event]."

The French fighter's passion for his roots runs deep. Doumbe lamented the missed opportunity to address his beloved fans in French, citing the rushed post-fight proceedings. For Doumbe, being the main event isn't just about status; it's about connecting with the crowd and savoring the moment.

Looking ahead, Doumbe's sights are set on a showdown with former UFC champion Anthony Pettis. While initial talks have mentioned a potential bout in Saudi Arabia, Doumbe is adamant: the fight must happen in Paris. With the fervent support of the French crowd behind him, Doumbe believes there's no better stage for this epic clash.

Doumbe's confidence in his ability to draw a massive crowd is unwavering. As he envisions the magnitude of the event, Doumbe suggests that a stadium setting could be on the cards. With his charisma and Pettis' pedigree, Doumbe is convinced that they can fill seats beyond the confines of Accor Arena.

Acknowledging Pettis' decorated past, Doumbe remains undaunted. Despite Pettis' accolades and experience, Doumbe sees this matchup as a chance to etch his name in the annals of MMA history.

"For me, that’s a small dream coming true," Doumbe exclaims. "To beat Anthony Pettis on my record, it’s going to be really amazing. I can’t wait."

For Doumbe, this isn't just about the fight; it's about seizing the moment and solidifying his place in the sport. As he awaits confirmation for the Paris showdown, Doumbe's message is clear: he's ready to make history on his home turf.


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