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Alex Pereira's Surprising Offer to Israel Adesanya

UFC light heavyweight champion Alex Pereira has expressed interest in training with former rival Israel Adesanya, provided their rivalry is truly over. The duo's feud has been nothing short of legendary, with Pereira stunning the world by defeating Adesanya via TKO to claim the UFC middleweight championship after going 2-0 against him in kickboxing. However, Adesanya avenged his loss in their rematch, reclaiming the belt with a knockout victory.

Alex Pereira

Despite his success, Pereira has been eager for a trilogy bout with Adesanya in MMA. However, Adesanya appears to be less enthusiastic about the idea at the moment. In a recent interview on The MMA Hour, Pereira indicated that he would be open to training with Adesanya if they are not slated to fight each other again.

"Anything can happen," Pereira stated. "Maybe he and the organization have the interest [to book that fight again]. I’m here. But I think it’s over. I don’t know. I’d even train with him if I had the opportunity.
He’s very experienced, he’s done what he’s done, and I’m also very experienced and have been doing many things. It’s two styles that have similar things, but many things different that could add a lot to our games."

Pereira admitted that while he initially wanted to fight Adesanya again, he now believes that chapter of their rivalry has closed.

"I really wanted to [fight him again], but I honestly think it’s over now," Pereira said. "I’ve tried [to call him out]. It was my belt on the line. I came to the UFC and did three fights to get to the belt and it was a huge risk for me, it was hard."

Pereira emphasized that he didn't want Adesanya to have to fight again before facing him, as it would pose a risk of Adesanya losing and tarnishing the potential matchup.

"How am I going to fight a guy that has lost? No, come straight [at me]. But he showed no interest, so I kind of let it go."

Despite the uncertainty surrounding a potential rematch, Pereira remains focused on his own career and continues to seek new opportunities for growth and improvement.


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