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OKTAGON MMA: Fighter Assaulted in HORRIFIC Incident!

MMA fighter Akonne Wanliss found himself in the middle of a backstage brawl after an OKTAGON MMA press conference, courtesy of two coaches from his opponent Sahil Siraj's camp.


Scheduled to clash at OKTAGON 54 in Ostrava, Czech Republic, Wanliss and Siraj were gearing up for a showdown. However, tensions reached a boiling point after a fiery press conference, leading to the unexpected altercation.

The scuffle left Wanliss with a minor undisclosed injury, prompting the postponement of their bout to OKTAGON 56 in Birmingham on April 20. In response to the incident, OKTAGON MMA swiftly banned the two coaches involved from future events and tournaments.

Interestingly, Siraj was not present during the altercation and remains uninvolved in the brawl. Wanliss, eager to regain momentum after a recent no-contest at OKTAGON 48, is determined to get back on track, having previously secured three consecutive wins, including a memorable first-round knockout at OKTAGON 45.

Meanwhile, Siraj is poised to make his OKTAGON MMA debut, showcasing his skills honed through successful stints in Brave CF, KSW, and Cage Warriors. His most recent triumph came in the form of a first-round knockout at KSW 87 in October.


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