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Chael Sonnen Claps Back at Jorge Masvidal's Challenge

UFC analyst Chael Sonnen has fired back at Jorge Masvidal after the latter's recent challenge. Masvidal, who announced his comeback from retirement, had set his sights on Sonnen, among other potential opponents.

Chael Sonnen

Masvidal had initially retired following a loss to Gilbert Burns in April last year but has now expressed his desire to return to the Octagon. Despite not having signed any fight contracts yet, Masvidal has mentioned his interest in rematching Nate Diaz and facing BMF titleholder Justin Gaethje.

However, Masvidal stirred the pot earlier this week by calling out Sonnen, who has been retired from fighting for almost five years. Sonnen retired after a knockout defeat to Lyoto Machida in Bellator.

"Jorge, Jorge, Jorge. I appreciate the callout, buddy. But let's not pretend you're the same fighter you used to be. You've been out for a while, and the game has moved on. But hey, if you want to dance, I'll dust off the old gloves for you."

In response to Masvidal's taunts, Sonnen took to YouTube to mock the former welterweight contender. Masvidal had criticized Sonnen, labeling him a "fake gangster" and accusing him of using steroids.

The exchange between Masvidal and Sonnen has sparked interest among fans, with many curious to see if the two will indeed face off in the future.


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