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 Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen Set for Exhibition Boxing Showdown


Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen Set for boxing match
Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen

The highly anticipated clash between Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen will take place on June 15 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, but with a twist: it will be an exhibition boxing match. According to Geyza Caryny, president of the National Boxing Council Brazil, the bout won't affect the official records of either fighter. This revelation adds a unique dimension to the event, promising an exciting yet unofficial encounter.

The exhibition match will be part of Spaten Fight Night, a major event overseen by the National Boxing Council Brazil. Despite its exhibition status, the fight will still have a competitive edge. Caryny confirmed that a winner will be declared if there is a knockout or if the match goes the distance. However, this outcome will not be added to the professional records of either fighter.

The match will be contested at a catchweight of 98kg (216 pounds), with both fighters donning 14-ounce gloves. This setup aims to ensure safety while maintaining the intensity and competitiveness expected from these seasoned athletes.

Anderson Silva, known as “The Spider,” has a professional boxing record of 3-2. Silva is renowned for his striking skills, with 20 of his MMA victories coming by knockout. In contrast, Chael Sonnen, primarily known for his wrestling prowess, has never competed in professional boxing. Sonnen, however, has an impressive MMA background, with seven of his victories by knockout. The two have a storied history in the UFC, where Silva defended his middleweight title against Sonnen twice, winning both bouts via stoppage.

This exhibition match is a continuation of their legendary rivalry. Silva and Sonnen’s previous encounters under the UFC banner were filled with drama and excitement, making this boxing match a highly anticipated event for fans worldwide. Although the bout will not officially count towards their records, it represents a significant chapter in their ongoing saga.

Fans can expect a blend of skill, strategy, and raw athleticism as these two MMA legends transition into the boxing ring. With Silva’s striking expertise and Sonnen’s relentless aggression, the match promises to be a thrilling spectacle.


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