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Lerone Murphy Punishes Edson Barboza to Win Lopsided Decision in UFC Vegas 92 Main Event

Lerone Murphy Punishes Edson Barboza
Lerone Murphy vs. Edson Barboza

Lerone Murphy showcased a masterclass in striking as he dominated Edson Barboza over 25 minutes to secure a decisive victory in the UFC Vegas 92 main event. While Murphy didn’t achieve a finish, he delivered a relentless barrage of punishment that left no doubt about his superiority in the octagon.

From the outset, the British fighter demonstrated a disciplined yet devastating boxing attack, consistently pummeling Barboza from one side of the cage to the other. Throughout the five-round bout, Murphy appeared close to finishing Barboza multiple times, but the resilient Brazilian veteran managed to survive despite absorbing a staggering number of strikes.

When the final bell rang, the judges scored the contest 50-45, 50-45, and 49-46, all in favor of Murphy. This victory, Murphy's biggest to date, kept his undefeated record intact.

“I come here to die,” Murphy shouted after his win. “I come here for a war. I packed all my stuff in the hotel. I didn’t even know if I was coming home. That’s what I was coming for.

Murphy’s striking strategy paid off throughout the fight, with his sharp jab and clever feints consistently breaking through Barboza’s defenses. While Barboza managed to land some of his signature kicks, which thudded off Murphy’s lead leg, Murphy stayed patient and continued to slip through Barboza’s guard with precise combinations, eventually opening a cut on Barboza’s nose.

A dramatic moment occurred just before the end of the first round when Barboza slipped attempting a knee, and as Murphy pounced, Barboza landed a powerful kick that rattled Murphy.

Despite the setback, Murphy adjusted his game plan. He started landing his right hand more frequently while also looking for takedowns to keep Barboza guessing. As the fight progressed, Murphy’s confidence grew, and he repeatedly backed Barboza up against the cage, unloading stinging combinations that left Barboza in survival mode.

Although Barboza occasionally exploded forward with dangerous strikes, including a slick spinning backkick in the fourth round, Murphy’s speed and accuracy ensured he remained in control. Barboza, despite his veteran grit, looked a step behind in most exchanges.

With a 14-0-1 record, Murphy has solidified his position as a top contender, hoping the UFC takes notice both financially and in terms of future matchups.


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