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Andre Lima's Bold Move: Bonus Tattoo and Win After Bizarre UFC Vegas 89 Victory

Lima won the fight via DQ
Andre Lima

In a surprising turn of events at UFC Vegas 89, Andre Lima not only secured a victory inside the octagon but also immortalized his unique achievement with a bonus tattoo, earning an extra $25,000 from Dana White for his memorable performance.

Las Vegas, known for its impulsive decisions and bold actions, became the backdrop for Lima's remarkable move as he commemorated his status as the first UFC fighter to receive a bonus for being bitten during a fight. After his bout with Igor Severino ended bizarrely, with Severino biting Lima, the UFC fighter wasted no time in visiting a local tattoo studio to permanently mark the moment.

UFC CEO Dana White was impressed by Lima's initiative and appreciation for the bonus category, stating, "I got f****** bit," and doubling the original bonus amount from $25,000 to $50,000 to acknowledge Lima's ingenuity and dedication.

White doubled Lima's bonus
Dana White via Instagram Story

Lima's victory came via disqualification after officials confirmed the bite mark on his arm, leaving no doubt about the unusual incident that occurred during the fight. Severino initially denied the accusation of biting but was later released from the UFC after visual evidence confirmed the offense.

Despite the peculiar ending to the fight, Lima celebrated his first UFC win and left Las Vegas with a permanent reminder of the memorable night, encapsulating the unpredictability and excitement that MMA fans have come to expect from UFC events.


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