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Patricio Freire's Dominance Reignited: A Call for Gold Across Promotions at Bellator Champions Series Belfast

Freire wins against Kennedy
Patricio Freire vs Jeremy Kennedy

Patricio Freire made a resounding statement at Bellator Champions Series Belfast, spectacularly defending his featherweight title against Jeremy Kennedy and setting his sights on claiming gold in multiple promotions.

In a highly anticipated co-feature bout, Freire showcased his mastery inside the cage, weathering an early scare to secure a decisive victory over Kennedy. The finish came in the third round at 4:07, with Freire delivering a relentless barrage of strikes that left Kennedy unable to continue.

The fight started cautiously, with both fighters studying each other's movements in the opening rounds. Freire's strategic use of leg kicks and counterstrikes kept Kennedy at bay, while the challenger struggled to find openings against the champion's solid defense.

As the bout progressed into the second round, Kennedy attempted to increase the tempo with forward pressure, but Freire's precise striking and punishing leg kicks continued to take their toll. The momentum shifted dramatically in the third round when Kennedy landed a significant punch that momentarily stunned Freire. However, the champion quickly regained his composure and unleashed a ferocious assault that ultimately led to the fight's stoppage.

In his post-fight interview, Freire didn't hold back, expressing his desire for title fights in both the UFC and PFL, citing missed opportunities and cross-promotional aspirations. He specifically mentioned Aaron Pico as a potential opponent in Bellator, showcasing his readiness to face top contenders across different organizations.

The victory marked a triumphant return for Freire after setbacks in previous bouts, reaffirming his status as one of Bellator's most accomplished fighters. With a record-breaking number of wins, finishes, and title fight victories, Freire's legacy in the promotion continues to grow.

As Freire's dominance reverberates through the MMA world, fans and analysts are eager to see his next moves, anticipating potential championship clashes and cross-promotional showdowns that could further solidify his legacy as a true mixed martial arts icon.


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