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Ben Askren's Brutal Truth: How He Really Felt Facing Jake Paul in the Ring!

Nearly three years after his boxing match with Jake Paul, Ben Askren holds no grudges. The former UFC welterweight was one of the first fighters to challenge "The Problem Child" after Paul's knockout victory over Nate Robinson.

Ben Askren

Askren, retired from MMA and recovering from a hip replacement, was seen as a suitable opponent for Paul. The fight, which took place in April 2021 under the Triller Fight Club banner, ended with Askren being knocked out in the first round, despite training with renowned coach Freddie Roach.

In a recent appearance on Rampage Jackson's JAXXON podcast, Askren admitted that he had not sparred in the years leading up to the fight. He had initially only been tweeting about fighting Paul before being offered the opportunity.

"I was just hoping he sucked," Askren said on the podcast, reflecting on his mindset going into the fight. "I kind of figured he wasn't very good, and I would be able to weather the storm for a round or two, he'll get tired, and then I'll beat him up."

However, Askren acknowledged Paul's success in the boxing ring since their fight, including victories over Anderson Silva and Tyron Woodley. "He's actually kind of good at it, it's unfortunate," Askren said.

Since his loss to Paul, Askren has remained retired from professional fighting. However, he did offer to come out of retirement for a potential matchup against former rival Jorge Masvidal at UFC 300. Askren's willingness to return to the octagon shows that despite his defeat to Paul, he is still open to new challenges in the world of combat sports.


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