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Bisping Ready to Settle the Score with Rockhold in Karate Combat Trilogy

Bisping wishes for trilogy at Karate Combat
Bisping and Rockhold during weigh in at UFC

Former UFC champion Michael Bisping has stirred up the MMA world with his recent declaration: he's ready to step out of retirement for one last showdown against old foe Luke Rockhold. This time, however, they're not talking about stepping into the octagon; they're eyeing a clash in the unique arena of Karate Combat.

The sparks flew when Rockhold, in a stunning display of skill, knocked out Joe Schilling in Karate Combat 45, an event Bisping was live streaming on his YouTube channel. Fans wasted no time flooding Bisping's feed, clamoring for a trilogy fight between the two seasoned warriors to finally determine the superior combatant.

In response to the mounting pressure, Bisping affirmed, 

"I'll do Karate Combat against Luke Rockhold. I'll do it." Reflecting on their history, he added, "I will have a trilogy with Luke Rockhold in Karate Combat. I would love to."

Their rivalry traces back to their encounters in the UFC, where Rockhold claimed victory in their first bout with a guillotine choke. However, Bisping's redemption arc reached its peak at UFC 199 when he stunned the world with a first-round TKO, snatching the middleweight title from Rockhold's grasp.

Despite the passage of time, the competitive fire still burns bright within Bisping. Even amidst banter with co-host Anthony Smith, Bisping reiterated his commitment: 

"100 percent, I would... let me just see my hip doctor first." His jest aside, the prospect of settling the score seems tantalizingly close.

The tale of Bisping versus Rockhold has evolved from bitter animosity to mutual respect skills. Bisping's acknowledgment of Rockhold's recent victory against Schilling speaks volumes about the sportsmanship that underpins their rivalry.

As the buzz around a potential Karate Combat trilogy grows, MMA fans eagerly await the outcome of Bisping's deliberations. Will he heed the call of the arena one more time to etch his name in combat sports history? Only time will tell, but one thing is certain: the legacy of Bisping versus Rockhold saga is far from over.


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