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Brendan Allen Shows Grit in Split Decision Victory Over Chris Curtis at UFC Vegas 90

Allen defeats Curtis
Brendan Allen vs. Chris Curtis

In a dramatic five-round war at UFC Vegas 90, Brendan Allen emerged victorious in a split decision against Chris Curtis, marking a crucial moment in their rematch.

Originally scheduled to face Marvin Vettori, Allen faced a sudden change when Vettori withdrew due to injury, leading to a matchup against Curtis, who previously defeated Allen by knockout in 2021. The middleweights engaged in a grueling battle that showcased their skills and determination for a full 25 minutes.

Reflecting on the intense fight, Allen praised Curtis's toughness, acknowledging the challenges presented by his opponent. 

"Chris is tough as s***," Allen remarked. "He’s short, it’s tough to get shots on him. Short notice, hats off to Chris."

The fight showcased Allen's diverse skills, with early striking success and slick takedowns demonstrating his grappling prowess. Despite Curtis's resilience and strategic body shots, Allen's constant improvement in striking allowed him to land significant shots throughout the bout.

As the fight progressed, both fighters showed their durability and hunger for victory. Curtis's aggressive exchanges and Allen's calculated strikes kept the audience on the edge of their seats. A pivotal moment came in the fourth round when Allen capitalized on grappling exchanges, showcasing his control on the ground.

The final round saw Allen's relentless pursuit of victory, culminating in a massive jumping knee and flurry of strikes that memorably sealed the deal. Although Curtis displayed signs of injury towards the end, both fighters exhibited incredible heart and determination until the last second.

With this hard-earned win, Allen's streak continues, positioning him as a formidable contender in the middleweight division. His post-fight callouts for a title shot or a rematch with Sean Strickland reflect his ambition and readiness for elite competition in the UFC.

As Allen celebrates his victory, the UFC Vegas 90 main event remains a testament to the resilience and skill of both fighters, leaving fans eagerly anticipating their future matchups.


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