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Chris Avila's Candid Critique: Misfits Boxing 13 Dubbed a 'Goofy-Ass Show' After Victory

Chris Avila vs. Jake Bostwick during fight
Chris Avila vs. Jake Bostwick

In a recent turn of events at Misfits Boxing 13 in Nashville, Bellator veteran Chris Avila expressed his candid thoughts about the event after securing a split-decision victory over Jake Bostwick.

Avila, known for his straightforward behavior, didn't hold back during the post-fight interview when asked about his experience with Misfits Boxing and potential future engagements with the organization. He bluntly stated, 

"I don’t know about Misfits. No disrespect, but this is a goofy-ass show. There’s a lot of stupid shit going on. I’m here to do what I got to do."

Despite Avila's colorful commentary on the event, he announced his next fight scheduled for June 1, coinciding with teammate Nate Diaz's high-profile match against Jorge Ma``svidal in a pay-per-view boxing bout. Avila is undoubtedly looking for a smoother experience in his upcoming fight, especially after encountering some hiccups in his recent Misfits Boxing appearance.

Avila's fight night at Misfits Boxing 13 wasn't without its challenges, starting with a need to change both gloves before the bout. The event also faced setbacks, including a delay in the main event due to ring repairs. The initially planned 2-on-1 fight was eventually adjusted to a 1-on-1 match, which concluded in less than a minute.

While Avila's remarks about Misfits Boxing 13 may add a touch of controversy, they reflect the raw and unfiltered nature of combat sports, where athletes often encounter unexpected twists and turns. Despite the event's quirks, Avila's focus remains on delivering his best performance in the ring, regardless of the show's peculiarities.


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