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Michael Chandler Confirms Conor McGregor Showdown 'Official' for Summer

Chandler confirms McGregor fight
McGregor vs, Chandler

In a highly anticipated announcement, Michael Chandler has confirmed that his long-awaited clash with former UFC champion Conor McGregor is set to take place this summer, marking a significant event in the MMA world.

Chandler, known for his explosive fighting style and impressive career achievements, revealed the exciting news during an interview with TMZ Sports, stating, 

"I’ve got the official announcement. It’s happening this summer."

The matchup between Chandler and McGregor has been a topic of speculation and excitement for fans, with both fighters expressing their desire to face each other for quite some time. Their journey towards this showdown began during their stint as opposing coaches on The Ultimate Fighter last year, sparking anticipation for a potential fight following the show's conclusion.

While McGregor initially mentioned June 29 as a possible date for the bout and hinted at a weight class of 185 pounds, Chandler emphasized that the specifics, including the exact date and weight class, are yet to be officially confirmed by the UFC. However, Chandler's confirmation of the fight itself has heightened anticipation among fans and the MMA community.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding the details, Chandler expressed his readiness and excitement for the upcoming clash, highlighting the competitive spirit and anticipation surrounding the matchup. He reiterated his willingness to fight McGregor at any weight class, emphasizing the essence of competition and his determination to emerge victorious.

As both fighters gear up for what promises to be an electrifying showdown, MMA enthusiasts eagerly await further updates and official announcements from the UFC regarding the highly anticipated Chandler-McGregor bout.


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