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Chris Eubank Jr thinks its either do or die for his career in an upcoming fight against Liam Smith

Chris Eubank Jr., a middleweight contender, acknowledges that his boxing career depends on the outcome of his impending rematch with former world champion Liam Smith.

In January, Smith shocked everyone by increasing his weight and eliminating Eubank in four rounds.

On June 17, in Manchester, their rematch is slated to take place live on Sky Sports Box Office.

Eubank claimed that he didn't have any pressure before the first fight.

He is under a lot of pressure for the rematch, though, as another defeat might mean the end of his professional career.

"It's always interesting sitting across the table from a man you're going to fight in a few months, looking into his eyes, especially when that man has a win over you which he does," Eubank Jr told Sky Sports News.

"This is a rematch, a very serious fight for me now, I cannot afford any mistakes, so I'm ready for the challenge. I may have, not underestimated him, but there wasn't as much pressure on me in the last fight. Now on the flip side all the pressure is on me, I have to go out there and perform, my career is on the line.

"I've never been in this situation before where I'm fighting a man who has another win over me, so I'm interested to see how that might affect my preparation, my mindset, my performance on the night."

On the other hand, Eubank is refusing to confirm that he'd announce his retirement if Smith is able to pull of another win.

"I get asked this question every time I fight," Eubank said. "It seems like once you hit 30-years-old it's like, 'if you lose are you going to retire?'.

"No, I don't have that mentality, I don't bring that into the universe, I don't talk about retirement. I'm going to do everything I can to win, if by some miracle he's able to pull off another win I won't say 'I'm going to retire'. As a fighter you fight, as long as my body can keep going through these training camps I'm going to do that."


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