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Bookmakers Struggle to Call Tyson Fury vs. Oleksandr Usyk Fight


The highly anticipated showdown between Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk has left even seasoned bookmakers scratching their heads, indicating just how evenly matched this fight is.

Odds Overview Across Major Sportsbooks

Analyzing the odds from various top U.S. online sportsbooks shows a close contest:

  • FanDuel: Usyk is a slight favorite at -114 (bet $114 to win $100) over Fury, who stands at -108.

  • DraftKings: Fury takes the favorite spot with -120, while Usyk is at +100.

  • ESPN Bet: Fury is narrowly favored at -115, with Usyk at -105.

  • bet365: It’s a dead heat with both fighters at -110.

These minor variations highlight that neither fighter is a clear underdog, a rarity in bouts of this magnitude. Even major fights like Terence Crawford vs. Errol Spence eventually saw one fighter emerge as a slight underdog.

Betting Dynamics and Prop Bets

Given the tight odds, betting on the moneyline for either fighter is only advisable if you’re confident in the outcome. This differs from other fights where underdog odds can offer value based on probability.

Examples from Past Bets:

  • Betting on Sebastian Fundora to defeat Tim Tszyu, for instance, didn’t require a belief in Fundora's victory. With odds at +550, even a small chance of winning made it a worthwhile bet. Not so with Fury vs. Usyk, where certainty is key.

Intriguing Prop Bets

The close odds have led sportsbooks to offer a wide array of prop bets to attract bettors:

Both Fighters Knocked Down: A popular longshot, this bet is priced at +1000 (10-to-1). Despite its unlikelihood, Fury's history of being knocked down and Usyk’s potential vulnerability make it an interesting wager.

Four or More Knockdowns: FanDuel offers both fighters to be knocked down two or more times at +4500, while the same outcome in total knockdowns is +5000, providing more value.

Other Knockdown Scenarios:

  • Both fighters knocked down in the first six rounds at +9500.

  • Five or more knockdowns total at +16000.

  • Fury knocked down but wins the fight at +1100.

  • Both fighters knocked down and Fury winning on points at +3100.

  • Fury knocked down in Round 1 but wins at +17000.

Early Knockdown Bets:

  • Either fighter to score a knockdown in the first round at +5000, with the same odds for the second round.


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