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Cory Sandhagen Opens to Reschedule His Fight Against Umar Nurmagomedov But Under Two Conditions

Cory Sandhagen during weigh in
Cory Sandhagen

In the tumultuous world of mixed martial arts, opportunities for redemption are often as fleeting as they are precious. For Cory Sandhagen, the chance to rewrite history beckons, as he contemplates the possibility of rescheduling his showdown with Umar Nurmagomedov under specific conditions.

Sandhagen, who recently showcased his prowess by dominating Rob Font, was initially hesitant about revisiting the Nurmagomedov bout. Understandably so, as he believed his victory over Font had propelled him forward in the UFC rankings, not backward.

"It wasn’t necessarily a no as much as it was like, ‘Hey, give me some time to think about it,’ because it does feel like I would maybe be a little slighted in that situation – only because I felt like I was now one fight ahead of fighting him," Sandhagen explained.

However, Sandhagen's stance shifted with the winds of opportunity. With UFC CEO Dana White hinting at Merab Dvalishvili as the new No. 1 contender, Sandhagen is willing to reconsider his bout with Nurmagomedov, provided the latter delivers a stellar performance against Bekzat Almakhan on March 2.

"Where I stand with Umar now is if he gets a good win on March 2, and he looks good, and he does awesome, and they don’t give me the title shot next, do me and Umar at International Fight Week," Sandhagen declared.

This open challenge from Sandhagen is not merely a quest for vengeance but a testament to his unwavering commitment to excellence. It encapsulates the essence of MMA – a sport where rivalries are forged in the crucible of competition and redemption is found in the heat of battle.

As the MMA world awaits the outcome of Nurmagomedov's impending bout, the stage is set for a potential clash of titans at International Fight Week. For Sandhagen, it's not just about settling scores; it's about seizing the moment and etching his name in the annals of UFC history.


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