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Curtis Blaydes Secures Title Shot Dream with Crushing Knockout at UFC 299

Blaydes finishing the fight
Curtis Blaydes vs. Jailton Almeida

In a spectacular display of power and resilience, Curtis Blaydes clinched a potential title shot after delivering a devastating second-round knockout against Jailton Almeida in a thrilling featured prelim at UFC 299.

Despite a challenging start that saw Blaydes grapple with takedown attempts from Almeida in the first round, the heavyweight contender quickly turned the tide in his favor. Demonstrating impeccable defense, Blaydes thwarted Almeida's grappling endeavors at the onset of the second round, unleashing a barrage of hammer fists that left his opponent reeling.

Explaining the finish, Blaydes emphasized his strategy, stating, 

"When he shoots we noticed he shoots with his head down so I use my belly to push down on the back of his head. I made his head look to the ground, he couldn’t drive up to me and I got the hammer fists on him. I believe me and Aspinall got some unfinished business. I’d like to get that one next."

Despite Almeida's relentless pursuit of takedowns, Blaydes remained composed, continually thwarting his opponent's advances while maintaining offensive pressure. Almeida's one-dimensional approach became evident as he failed to capitalize on striking opportunities, heavily relying on grappling tactics throughout the bout.

The turning point came early in the second round, as Blaydes capitalized on an opening, stuffing Almeida's takedown attempt and unleashing a barrage of punishing strikes. With relentless precision, Blaydes delivered a series of hammer fists that rendered Almeida defenseless, ultimately forcing the referee to intervene and halt the contest.

With the victory, Blaydes catapults himself into title contention, eyeing a rematch with interim UFC heavyweight champion Tom Aspinall. Their first encounter was cut short due to injury, leaving unfinished business between the two formidable competitors.

As Blaydes sets his sights on championship gold, the stage is set for a highly anticipated rematch with Aspinall, promising another thrilling showdown for UFC fans.


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