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Unfortunate Circumstances: Cedric Doumbe's Bizarre Loss at PFL Europe Sparks Controversy

Doumbe shocked by referee decision
Cedric Doumbe : PFL Europe

Cedric Doumbe's highly anticipated bout at PFL Europe took an unexpected turn, culminating in a peculiar stoppage that left fans and fighters alike bewildered.

In the main event showdown against Baysangur Chamsoudinov at the Accor Arena in Paris, Doumbe's night took a dramatic twist in the third round when referee Marc Goddard halted the action due to an apparent issue with Doumbe's foot.

The match had been a compelling clash of styles, with Chamsoudinov utilizing his wrestling prowess to control Doumbe in the opening round. Despite Doumbe's resilient defensive efforts, Chamsoudinov's relentless grappling proved challenging to overcome. However, Doumbe rallied in the second round, finding success with his striking and showing signs of a potential comeback.

Yet, just as the momentum was building, the fight took an unexpected turn. During a pause in the action, Doumbe signaled to Goddard about an issue with his foot, prompting the referee to intervene and stop the fight, much to Doumbe's dismay.

In a post-fight interview, Doumbe expressed his frustration, revealing that a foreign object lodged in his foot had caused discomfort. Despite his willingness to continue fighting after removing the object, the referee's decision to halt the bout ultimately sealed Doumbe's first MMA loss.

"I didn’t want to stop the fight, not at all," Doumbe lamented. "I wanted to fight, as everybody saw. ... But I have a small glass in my foot. I don’t know, inside the cage. It’s hurting me."

The controversial stoppage not only marred Doumbe's undefeated record but also raised questions about referee judgment and fighter safety in the sport.

As Doumbe reflects on the unfortunate outcome, his resilience and determination remain unwavering, signaling a potential comeback in the future despite this setback.


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