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Devin Haney's Coach Bill Haney Brushes Off Shakur Stevenson's Challenge

Bill Haney, father and trainer of world 140-pound champion Devin Haney, remains undeterred by the uncertainty surrounding Ryan Garcia's status for their upcoming fight. Despite speculation about Garcia's commitment, Haney is fully focused on preparing his son for his title defense on April 20 at Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

Bill Haney

Garcia's erratic behavior, both on social media and in the gym, has raised questions about his readiness for the fight. However, Haney is taking a pragmatic approach, training as if the fight with Garcia is still on and avoiding any actions that could jeopardize the potential showdown.

When unbeaten lightweight champion Shakur Stevenson expressed interest in stepping in for Garcia, Haney dismissed the suggestion, emphasizing his commitment to the Garcia fight.

"We're training as if we have a fight with Ryan Garcia," Haney stated. "I can't negotiate with or accept any offer from anyone."

Stevenson's offer, made public on social media, was met with skepticism by Haney, who questioned Stevenson's intentions. "If [Shakur] wanted to do anything, why bring it to the media?" Haney remarked, highlighting the need for direct communication in such matters.

Despite the speculation, Garcia's promoter, Oscar De La Hoya, has denied any plans for Garcia to withdraw from the fight. De La Hoya assured fans that Garcia is focused and working hard in the gym, dismissing concerns about his fighter's commitment.

Haney, however, remains cautious, wary of the potential for Garcia's withdrawal and the need to find a replacement opponent.

"I can't negotiate with [Stevenson]," Haney reiterated, emphasizing the need for any negotiations to go through the proper channels.

As the drama surrounding Garcia's status continues to unfold, Haney remains steadfast in his preparation for the fight, determined to ensure that Devin Haney is ready to defend his title against whoever steps into the ring on April 20.


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