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Alexander Shabliy Claims Bellator Fails to Honor $1 Million Grand Prix Prize

Alexander Shabliy is expressing dissatisfaction as he prepares to headline the Bellator Champions Series: Paris against lightweight champion Usman Nurmagomedov. The matchup, originally intended to be the $1 million final for the Bellator grand prix before PFL acquired Bellator, is now clouded with uncertainty regarding the prize money.

Alexander Shabliy

Shabliy (24-3 MMA, 5-0 BMMA) and Nurmagomedov (17-0 MMA, 6-0 BMMA) were slated to compete in the grand prix final on May 17 at Accor Arena in Paris. However, Shabliy claims he has not been assured that the winner of their bout will still receive the seven-figure prize.

Despite the merger, the fight remains scheduled, and Shabliy is focused on his performance. However, he expressed disappointment in the situation, stating,

“As of now, I don’t like the situation, the way it’s going, because after the merger, I believe the PFL, since they are the main company, they should honor all the conditions."

Shabliy emphasized that he has put in hard work and deserves the opportunity to finish the grand prix and possibly win the title. While he understands the complexities of the merger, he hopes that PFL will honor their commitments from the Bellator league.

While PFL officials did not immediately respond to Shabliy’s claim, the fighter remains focused on his upcoming bout against Nurmagomedov. He believes he has the skills to defeat Nurmagomedov and is prepared to showcase his dominance in the octagon.

For now, Shabliy is committed to Bellator but hopes that PFL will honor their side of the deal, ensuring that fighters like him receive the rewards they have earned.


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