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Dominick Reyes' Fight Beyond the Octagon: Battling Blood Clots and Embracing Life

Reyes battled blood clots
Dominick Reyes

In a shocking revelation, UFC fighter Dominick Reyes recently shared the harrowing details of his near-death experience, highlighting the fragility of life beyond the octagon. 

Originally set to face Carlos Ulberg at UFC 297 in Toronto on Jan. 20, fate took an unexpected turn as Ulberg suffered an injury, leading to the fight's cancellation. The duo was rescheduled for a showdown at UFC Atlantic City on March 30, but Reyes was compelled to withdraw due to undisclosed reasons.

In an exclusive interview with James Lynch of MiddleEasy, Reyes disclosed the severity of his situation, having faced a life-threatening blood clot that has sidelined him from the Octagon for an unforeseeable period.

“Carlos and I were slated to fight on January 20. He pulled out. I don’t know why. An injury, obviously, but he’s not going to say what his injury is,” Reyes said. “Then a week later, I ended up getting blood clots. Deep vein thrombosis, so I’m gonna be out for a minute… I’m lucky to be alive, that’s always nice."

Dominick Reyes emphasized the critical timing of the diagnosis, preventing the blood clots from escalating into a pulmonary embolism. Reflecting on the shocking revelation, he recounted how he sought relief for what he initially thought was a pulled muscle by getting a massage—a decision that, in hindsight, he acknowledges could have had fatal consequences.

Currently on a four-fight losing streak, with three consecutive knockout losses, and now contending with blood clots, Reyes remains resolute about his future in the UFC. Despite the adversity, retirement is not on the horizon for the seasoned fighter.

“No, I’m not ready to retire at all. Like I said to everybody else, the difference between me and most every other single fighter is my faults happened on a world stage when everybody was paying attention," Reyes affirmed. "I didn’t lose in the regional circuit; I didn’t make those mistakes in the regional circuit when nobody saw it. My mistakes happened in front of the whole world.”

While Dominick Reyes faces a minimum three-month hiatus due to blood thinners, his determination to overcome this setback and prioritize his health is evident. 


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