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Fight TV and Fusion Fight League: Revolutionizing Combat Sports Entertainment presents Fusion Fight League presents Fusion Fight League

Fight TV is proud to announce its partnership with Fusion Fight League, a renowned fight promoter organization dedicated to delivering exhilarating combat sports events. In the words of Fight.TV, "We are honored to be associated with an organization that shares our passion for bringing the intensity and excitement of combat sports to fans around the globe."

Fight.TV has made a name for itself as a leading online television network for combat sports, amassing a staggering 550,000 followers across Facebook and Instagram. The network is dedicated to producing top-notch content that enthralls and involves its audience. This partnership with Fusion Fight League is a big step in the direction of growing our services and providing our audience with even more exciting content.

The combination of Fusion Fight League and Fight.TV guarantees unmatched development and excitement in the combat sports industry. We are excited to travel new paths, test limits, and stay at the forefront of combat sports entertainment as we set out on this adventure together.

Fans of Fusion Fight League can stay updated with their latest events and news through their official Instagram page. The upcoming event on April 12th at Montana Expopark, Great Falls, Montana, promises an epic showdown for the pro-featherweight title between Tommy “Gun” McMillen and Joshua “The Prodigy” Wright, adding to Fusion Fight League's impressive lineup of 60 events and 103 matches to date.

Stay tuned to Fight.TV and our social media platforms for all the latest updates, fight announcements, and exclusive content from Fusion Fight League. Together with Fusion Fight League, we're poised to elevate the combat sports viewing experience and bring the action closer to fans like never before.

Join us in welcoming this breakthrough partnership and stay up to date on the latest in combat sports by following Fight.TV on Facebook and Instagram. Let the fights commence!


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